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Yactong Orlando Juantock Guzmán married. An Arquitecture undergraduate (University of Chile-Valparaiso.) A student leader – he was the chair of the Arquitecture School student council, member of the MIR. Navy’s personnel detained him on the 12th of September 1973 around 11am in a house in Cerro La Cruz – Valparaiso. Also another two people were detained at the same time, being Mrs Marcela Lopez Uribe one of them. The detainees were taken to Barros Lucos School and there they were separated. Later Yactong Orlando was moved to the merchant ship ‘Maipo’. He was seen there until the 14th September 1973 date in which navy personnel with their faces painted black, took him from the ship to an unknown destination.

Mrs Marcela López Uribe states in her affidavit that she was detained on the 12th of September 1973 with Yactong Orlando Juantock by a group of Chilean Navy personnel in a house in Cerro La Cruz. Both were taken to Barros Lucos School and there they separated them. Mr Guillermo Jesús Custodio Cavieses Romero stated in his affidavit that he was detained on the 13th of September 1973 by Carabineros (uniformed paramilitary police) and taken to the merchant ship ‘Maipo’. The Navy as a detention centre for political prisoners used this ship. He was placed in one of the cargo compartment, were he recognised Yactong Orlando Juantock Guzmán. On the 14th of September 1973, while he was temporally on the deck at 19.00hrs, as he was been moved to another area he saw a group of three Navy personnel, with blacked-faces talking to the officer in charge and showing him a photograph of a detainee who happen to be Yactong Orlando Juantock Guzmán. Yactong Orlando was severely beaten Tere on deck and later taken by the navy personnel off the ship.

The military authorities acknowledged the detention of Yactong Orlando Juantock Guzmán. Thus, the last week of September 1973 his name was on a list of detainees posted in the building of Intendencia of Valparaiso, it was also stated that he was in a detention centre within the province. Furthermore, in legal representation made for his disappearance, documents from the Military Judge of Valparaiso states that he was in the hands of the Intelligence Services of the First Naval Zone. The same authority denied this information at later date.


All the legal procedures by his family in order to know his whereabouts probed to be fruitless and until present day it is not known what happened to him.

On the 26th of June 1974 at the 3rd Crime Court of Valparaiso – case 91896 a representation was made for suspected foul play. This was accepted for initial inquiries on the 1st of July 1974, after the plaintiff gave formal account of the facts starting from his detention to his presence in the ‘Maipo’ to his later disappearance. The Tribunal requested information from the Military Fiscal of Valparaiso, whose reply of the 4th of July 1974 stated that in the quarter of the First Naval Zone’s Intelligence Service assisting them with their inquiries. Based on this reply the Judge Mrs Sonia Araneda Briones dismissed fully the complaint without any further investigations.

On the 31st of July 1974, the plaintiff requested to reopen the files due to discrepancies between the authorities. The court in order to substantiate the case requested the plaintiff to attend in person, on this occasion the Judge was informed that Yactong Juantock was seen in the grounds of the School of Logistic and Submarines in the old building of the Navy Academy – Playa Ancha. Witnesses who where detainees in that place said that Yactong Juantock was in a very poor psychological condition. In spite of this new evidence on the 8th of July 1974, the Judge refused to reopen the cause, giving order that it were filed indefinitely. The following day – 9th August 1974 it was attached to the case the order given to the plain clothes Police – which did not give any result.

On the 20th of August an appeal was presented and this was denied.

In May 1976 a new petition to reopen the case, this time including further evidence obtained from the Military Tribunal. The Civil Tribunal attached this new information to the files and denied reopening it.

The new evidence relates to an order from the authorities declaring fugitives other members of the MIR, who also disappeared after their detentions by Military Security Services.

The family also petitioned the Intendente of Valparaiso, this was another fruitless procedure.


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