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The Perez Vargas twins died on February 24th, 1976. Ivan Renato and Mireya Lourdes were 22 years old. At the time of their death, they were sharing a house in Vicuña Mackena with Amador del Fierro Santibañez, his wife Herminia Uberlinda Espíndola and their one year-old daughter. That day the DINA agents came to the house there was a cross fire. Iván Renato and Amador Perez died at the spot. Elizabeth Sanhueza Salinas, a little girl who was playing in the front garden, was also killed. Mireya was taken out of the house alive, her legs wounded, and taken to a secret place of detention and torture run by DINA, known as Villa Grimaldi. There are testimonies of her stay at this place, where she was finally killed.



Her body and her brother’s remained at the mortuary for months. They were handed to a priest, a lawyer and a social worker on May 5th, 1976. These people were the only ones to accompany them to the General Cemetery. Their parents were unable to do so. Osvaldo Perez was exiled. Otilia Vargas and her surviving daughter could not attend the ceremony because of concerns about their safety. Soon after this, they would fly out of the country, in June, 1976.


Her mother came back in 1991 to start legal action in the cause of his five dead children.


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