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Carlos Freddy Pérez Vargas, married, working in the advertising sector, member of MIR, was detained on the 10th of September 1974 in his office by a group of plain clothes men who identified themselves as belonging to the SIM (Military Intelligence Service). They took him to the DINA secret detention and torture centre situated in José Domingo Cañas street, where he was seen by witnesses and from where he disappeared.
In that centre, he was seen by witnesses who were themselves prisoners. They saw Carlos Freddy Pérez Vargas in very bad physical condition, due to the treatment received during questionning and he told them that he was waiting to be reunited soon with his family.
Some days later, said the witnesses, his brother Aldo Pérez Vargas was also detained ans is now part of the list of disappeared prisoners.
According to the testimonies, Carlos Freddy Pérez was kept prisoner until around the last week of September 1974, when he was taken to an unknown destination. He was never seen again in any detention centre.

A tree was planted on his memory, as part of our ecomemoria program : www.ecomemoria.com


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